Effort made to raise funds for Angel Program through churches


Listen to the interview with Chuck Bassett and Dan Young

Members of the Task Force Against Substance Abuse are encouraging area churches to be involved in the fight against drugs in the community.

Chuck Bassett with the task force said they are looking for support of the Angel program being developed at Escanaba Public Safety.

“Particularly as some of the facilities that are available are faith-based it’s created a lot of interest within the church community,” he said. “This Angel Program right now there is the option to go to Teen Challenge in Muskegon. We’re looking for funds to help with transportation cost and some funds for the cost of the treatment facility.”

The Angel Program would allow someone addicted to drugs to seek help by walking into Escanaba Public Safety and giving up their drugs. They would then commit to an 8-month to a year-long process to overcome their addiction.

Public Safety is kicking off the campaign Tuesday at City Hall.

Area churches can take advantage of action teams at Thrivent Financial to raise money. It is available to churches with Thrivent members to increase their fundraising efforts.

Dan Young at Thrivent says our area has only taken advantage of about 40 percent of the funds available to it.

“Say they want to have a spaghetti dinner. A person who is a Thrivent member has up to two action teams a year. They could use one of their actions teams to finance doing the spaghetti dinner. Then all of that money that was brought in on that spaghetti dinner would then go to Task Force Against Substance Abuse,” Young said.

The Angel Program is part of several initiatives by the task force to help those addicted to drugs. The other initiatives include a drug court, a community corrections program and public awareness.